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    Thursday August 21,2014

    At long last another journal entry - the first one done on my new computer... The hand-me-down iMac from my nephew is on it's last legs, so I bit the bullet and have invested in a brand new iMac. 

    The newest images in the Recent Work portal are of a stainless steel sculpture that now stands in front of the Hampton Inn on Hanes Mall Blvd. in Winston Salem. I had intended to name it "Wiggle Room"or "Traveling Light", but, when the general manager of the hotel showed the maquette of the sculpture to the staff, and there was a discussion about what the sculpture was about, a latina housekeeper started going on about it in Spanish. In translation, she was saying that it represented unity, since all the pieces of metal were connected to one another; hence the name.


    December 1st, 2013

    Well it is finally done - the 20 window grilles for the Arts Based School in downtown Winston-Salem are all welded into place. It was a long haul to get it all finished, but everyone seems to be happy with the results. I'll be posting some more photos soon.

    Luckily I have 2 more commissions in the pipeline, so I will be back in the studio working with stainless steel in the near future. One is a private commission to go in someone's home, amd the other is going in front of a hotel entrance. More on that later.

    Also, I completed a wood carving of a turtle that was bought and paid for quite a while ago, so it was high time for me to have finished it. Photos will be posted soon.

    Ciao for now.


    Sunday October 13, 2013

    Ahem - well, it's been a while hasn't it? I have completed a few of the wood sculptures intended for the show at the Park building with Jim Moon, but a fairly large commission came along in the spring, so I have been concentrating on that ever since. 

    The commission is to weld together 20 (!) ornamental window griiles for the Arts Based School in downtown Winston-Salem. Each grille is approximately 7 feet wide and 5 feet high. I'm about halfway done with the job, and my work has been met with praise and encouragement.

    The work is "funky industrial folk art" - I've been going around to the local scrap and salvage yards, finding interesting metal to weld into the grilles. I'm about to post a couple of photos under the Recent Work heading on the front page. See what you think!




    Almost Winter

    Well, even though it is almost winter, it was 70 degrees today!

    I have added some new photos in the Recent Work department, and will be adding a new page about teaching/workshop opportunities in the near future.

    I have done several workshops with the Sawtooth School for Visual Art this year, and was in a couple of shows in their recently upgraded gallery as well. I am offering a bronze-casting workshop with the school in January - time will tell if there will be enough students to make it go.

    I was also in an exhibition in the gallery at Krankies downtown in October, and I cast some small bronzes for a visiting sculptor from Italy, so it was a busy fall season for me.

    I am putting together enough new work to have a solo show in the Park Building, also in downtown Winston-Salem. Jim Moon and Asolare will organize it - I have to get the work done! It will be mostly wood sculpture, with maybe some bronzes and some 2-D work.


    End Of May, 2012

    It has been a while... alot has happened since the last entry. Images from the "In The Garden" artist-in-residence project at The Enrichment Center in Winston-Salem are now viewable in the Portfolio section. More images to come... I've been doing welded pieces recently. For the indoor exhibit at The Gateway Gallery of the Enrichment Cener, I showed the Dragonfly, and a newer pieced titled "Low Rider" - both heavy metal fabricated pieces. 

    I also have just finished the second of two "Exterme Weatherproof Birdhouses for a Changing Climate World". The first was auctioned at a fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity of Winston-Salem. They have an annual event called "Birdfest", where artwork is sold. The second one was commissioned by an attendee at the auction (who didn't get the first one). Images will be forthcoming, when I organize my photo files! 

    That's all for now - we are heading to South Dakota soon - will give a report upon my return...